Dubai Police Three Wheeled Motorcycle

Dubai police introduced a new three-wheeled Piaggio motorcycle to add to its huge fleet of vehicles. The Italian made motorcycle MP3 500 model is considered to be easy to drive Continue reading

human face projection mapping

Nobumichi Asai collaborated with Omote to create real-time face tracking and projection mapping to apply computer graphics onto the human face, and the results are truly Continue reading

Boeing 747 Conference Table

MotoArt has created a stylish jumbo jet conference table—made from a 747′s General Electric engine nacelle. The gigantic table includes a 12 feet diameter glass-plate atop the nacelle, which has Continue reading

The Renovo Coupe All-Electric Supercar 2

Renovo Motors has build the first American made all-electric supercar, the Renovo Coupe. The supercar chassis is based on the classic Shelby Daytona Coupe. The Renovo Coupe is powered by three lithium-ion Continue reading

Nike LED Basketball Court in China

Nike teamed up with AKQA to designed an incredible full-sized LED basketball court in Shanghai, China. The London-based company AKQA, specializes in digital products and services, it created the basketball court Continue reading