New Cheesy Chicken Royale Sandwich

Yesterday, Burger King sent me the new Cheesy Chicken Royale sandwich that will launch at Burger Kind today. If you like the Chicken Royale sandwich, you’re probably going to like the Cheesy Chicken Royale as well. It has the same build of Chicken Royale sandwich with a major difference being the patty is made of a mixture of Chicken, shredded mozzarella and mature cheddar supported with natural cheese flavor in order to convey a well balanced chicken-cheese taste.

It actually taste good. and somehow it feels lighter than the Chicken Royale sandwich. I like it and you’re going to like it too.

I always loved Burger Kind because they have market fresh sandwiches and burgers that taste amazing! Thank you Burger King for the delicious sandwich, a special thanks goes to Bibi Al-Qatami and the team that works hard to continually improve the quality of service.

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One thought on “New Cheesy Chicken Royale Sandwich

  1. ووووووويح قلبي
    ياااناس حسوووووا بالناس الي قاعدين يسون رجيييييم مو جذي
    شووو هاااااظ 🙁

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