Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal jewels will be on display at the Buckingham Palace to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the throne, by putting on a dazzling exhibition of Royal rocks.

The exhibition, which will be the focal point of the palace’s 2012 summer opening, will include many of the monarch’s most cherished jewels, some of which are shown here.

Many of the pieces that will be on exhibition at the Palace have undergone transformations through the ages – having been re-cut or used in new settings depending on the fashion or the preferences of the queens or princesses who used them.

Among them is an 1893 tiara given to Her Majesty as a wedding present by her gran Queen Mary.

The exhibition will also chart the link between diamonds and monarchs over 200 years.

Historic pieces such as Queen Victoria’s recognizable miniature personal crown which measures just 9cm by 10cm but contains nearly 1,200 diamonds will also be on view. The Jubilee Celebration will be held at Buckingham Palace in August and September.

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  1. Stolen from Indians!! If no one knows, this is kohi-noor famous diamond stolen from the Indians during their reign. Its belongs to India.

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