Swiss Army Pocket Knife with 1TB Flash Drive

The Victorinox Swiss Army knife introduced two new portable storage devices at the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday. The company unveiled the Slim 3.0 USB drive and the SSD pocket-knife and thumb-drive combo. The Slim 3.0 USB offers faster read and write speeds than a 2.0 USB flash drive and will be available in 128GB capacity. The SSD will be offered in a variety of storage models, ranging from 64GB to one terabyte. The device will come equipped with two knife bodies and the other includes traditional Swiss Army Knife implements of a blade, scissors, and screw driver.

The one terabyte drive will also feature a built-in monochrome LCD so that you can see what’s on the drive. Both devices will be available in April 2012, Victorinox has not yet released information on pricing.

Via: BGR
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