Gmail Tap For April Fools Day

Google has a long history of pulling April Fools’ day hoaxes, this time the prank-happy web giant has released a video explaining a new joke app that introduces an alternative to the QWERTY keyboard on Android phones. It’s a two-key typing interface called Google Tap, and it’s based on Morse Code, the telegraph communication system consisting of combinations of dots and dashes that correspond to letters of the alphabet.

One of the best April fools pranks that Google pulled was the Gmail Tab and the Google Maps for 8-bit NES. In my opinion, Google did the prank videos for two reasons. First, to get more publicity both online and offline to increase traffic. Second, to test the peoples reaction on whether these ideas might work or not. So don’t be surprised if these jokes might turn into reality one day. You’ll never know.

Via: Huffington Post
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