Asnan Clinic Blogger Competition

Last Saturday, I got a bag from Asnan Clinic with weird stuff in it, a wig, fake eye lashes, a balloon which was torn apart by the kids, and a piece of paper with an QR Code printed on it. If you ask me about my first impression, I thought it was some sort of a lame joke from a friend or maybe Asnan wanted us to participate in a beauty competition.

Anyhow, I scanned the QR Code and I got a Yes or No question about if I wanted to participate in the competition, I clicked Yes they thanked me and that was it!  I’m not convinced yet, so I decided to Google it and I found a fellow blogger N3ver2late who had already got the same weird bag and posted about it. From what I understand, It’s a competition for the bloggers where we have to be creative with these items by using our imagination to create a comic TV ad scenario and guess what their upcoming Ramadan TV ad! The winner will get an exclusive first look to the live shooting of the Asnan Ramadan TV and a cool gadget.

Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try!

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