E-Cigarettes Are Harmful and Could Cause Cancer

E-Cigarettes Are Harmful and Could Cause Cancer

A new French study has claimed that electronic cigarettes are as harmful as regular cigarettes and they could cause cancer.

A French magazine reported the findings of the French National Consumers Institute that ten different rechargeable and disposable models were tested for carcinogenic and toxic properties. In three models out of ten, the levels of carcinogenic compound formaldehyde come close to those of a traditional cigarettes.

The report comes after government plans announced in May this year to ban electronic cigarettes from public places in France.

via: France 24
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One thought on “E-Cigarettes Are Harmful and Could Cause Cancer

  1. This isn’t smoking as nothing is burning nor on fire. This is vaping and just a different and safer way getting nicotine. I am Rob Harlow a pro-e-cig user, managing owner of http://www.the-e-cigarette.org/ and enthusiast. Many of them are having misconceptions about the real benefit of e-cigs. There is nothing different here than using a patch, which I’ve done, and gum..and neither of the two work better than vaping.

    Yes there are different flavors, big deal. There are different flavors of booze too, but why is it no one claims the alcohol industry is enticing children because of the different flavors?

    I do know someone who has stopped smoking traditional cigarettes completely and my doctor loves the fact that I’m vaping over smoking. Granted he wishes I’d stop all together, but knowing that’s not going to happen, he’s glad I choose the lesser of two evils.

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