2016 Red Bull Bar Bahr in Kuwait


After the huge success two years ago, Red Bull Bar Bahr has returned to mark the calendar of speed and adventure on 11th November at Marina Beach, Salmiya.

The atmosphere will offer a completely new experience for racers to enjoy the full performance of their craft in a safe and controlled environment. The first race will take place on the land and will continue on a parallel water track. The two tracks will be the battlefield for the 24 teams, all coveting the victory of winning Red Bull Bar Bahr’s competition.

Each team will consist of two athletes: a Quad Bike racer and a Jet Ski racer. The race will kick off on the land track at the beach and will end on the water track. As soon as the first Quad Bike racer finish his race, he gets off his bike and runs towards his team mate to hand him the keys so that he can begin his race on his Jet Ski.

The competitors will be required to negotiate a challenging quad track of manufactured obstacles such as ramps, mud, bumps and curves. The water track, on the other hand, will consist of obstacles will require the racers to perform certain maneuvers, including double or triple turnovers which will drive the race to more exciting levels.

The qualifying round will be held on Thursday November 10th with a maximum of 36 teams, out of which 24 will be selected to compete the next day Friday, November 11th at 2:00 pm.

Quad Bikers wishing to take part in this event must have a driving license and own their quad bikes while participants of the Jet Ski must possess a driving license from the Marine Sports Club of Kuwait.

The event will be organized by Basel Salem Al-Sabah Motorsport Club and in partnership with Public Authority of Sport, GoPro, Marina Mall, Kawasaki, Al Anbaa Newspaper, Kuwait Times Newspaper, STUDENTALK Magazine and Acqua Eva.

To register in Red Bull Bar Bahr competition, Red Bull website or call: 67765544

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