2017 Red Bull Car Park Drift Kuwait

The time has come again for the most-awaited motorsports events in the region, especially for those who are huge fans of motorsport shows and look forward to cool events as such throughout the year. The kickoff of a new season of Red Bull Car Park Drift qualifiers will happen in Kuwait early next month. The competition, which was held for the first time in Lebanon ten years ago, is designed to give amateur enthusiasts a chance to showcase their skills and represent their countries at the regional final in Qatar end of this year.

On May 4 and 5, Sirbb Circuit will host Kuwait’s Red Bull Car Park Drift qualifiers, which will launch a new season of the most exciting motorsport competition. The qualifier will be held on Thursday (May 4th) and comprise the selection of Kuwait’s elite drifters who will take part in the national final on the next day. BMRC will organize this year’s Red Bull Car Park Drift event in partnership with the Public Authority for Youth and Sports, Drag 965, Go Pro, Aqua Eva and Kuwait Times. Regional sponsors include Falcon Tires, Shop & Ship, and Total.

Mesyar Abu Shaibah won the national championship of the Red Bull Car Park Drift last year and represented Kuwait at the regional finals held in Oman. He rocked a special performance at the regional final, which was hosted by a special course at Sultan Qaboos Port and witnessed the participation of drifters from Qatar, Mauritius, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, as well as Kuwait and Oman. The top three winners were Omani, and the King of Drift title was awarded to Haitham Al Hadidi from, who is also a local Omani.

10 Years of Thrill

The first edition of the 2008 Red Bull Car Park Drift Competition was held in Lebanon at the parking lot of one of the malls. The competition was the perfect opportunity for all amateur drifters to put their skills and abilities under test, while the event highlighted the rally hero Abdo Feghali, who became a legend in this discipline, Michel Feghali was then crowned the first champion of the series at all.

The early days of drifting competitions were the result of the use of manual brakes and special skills for the drifters of the 1960s, specifically to rugged Japanese mountain roads where a group of contestants competed to break records for every distance separating two points, by crossing the limits of the possibility of tires in harsh turns.

By 1970, drifting had gained widespread popularity as an important part of the prestigious Japan Motor Show. Each drifter was superior to his predecessors, and the drifters demonstrated their tremendous talent in controlling the car more remarkably every year. Twenty years later, the sport has expanded to spread all around the world of motor sports, with countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and China.

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