Smokers are usually confined to enclosed areas, away from the Non-smokers, areas such as airports and other public places, otherwise to keep smokers away from smoke free zones. As seen Continue reading

STOMP, the fantastic percussion group from Brighton, England, will perform in Kuwait for the first time ever. Eight performers using their body and ordinary objects from Zippo Continue reading

كعادتها في كل عام تقوم شركة زين للاتصالات بتقديم مسرحيات استعراضيه للجمهور بفترة العيد, مثل مسرحية زين إلى عالم جميل و مسرحيه مصباح زين. وهذه Continue reading

512 Kuwait in association with Kuwait Telecommunications Company VIVA, is proud to announce the VIVA 512 PlayStation Football Tournament. 512 Kuwait is an entity exclusively Continue reading

In celebration of Kuwait’s Liberation and National Day, starting tomorrow, February 22nd there will be a bungee jumping event at the Marina Crescent until the 24th. For more information you Continue reading

The first ever Red Bull X-Fighters Jams in Kuwait saw 14,000 people entertained with mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and gravity-defying stunts in front of Kuwait’s most famous Continue reading