Tokyo-based computer graphics artists, the Ishikawas, has created an incredible realistic computer-generated Japanese school girl, called Saya. The husband and wife, Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa Continue reading

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Venezuela-based artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez creates an incredibly hyperrealistic oil paintings of people swimming in water, his use of light and reflections making them appear Continue reading

Talented artist Heather Rooney created a spectacular photo realistic portrait drawing of NBA basketball player LeBron James using only colored pencils. The 5-minute, time-lapse video translates into many hours Continue reading

Computer graphic design is becoming more technologically advanced over time, with the use of advanced software to create a more realistic 3D animation. Australian artist and Continue reading

Inspired by a little figurines in a Japanese pop-up shop called Omote, the world’s 3-D photo booth, Kristina Neurohr and Timo Schaedel started a business called Twinkind, a company based in Hamburg, Continue reading