Two talented artiest Sarath Chandrajeewa and Cao Chang Xu participated in a friendly clay sculpture contest. Both artiest stood side-by-side and tried to make a Continue reading

For the past 25 years, Artist Ra Paulette has been carving out man-made caves from the sandstone hills of New Mexico, and then sculpting these Continue reading

The American Museum of Ceramic Art posted a short video that highlights the work of five Icheon Korean ceramic masters, Lee Hyang-Gu, You Yong-Chul, Choi In-Gyu, and Jo Se-Yeon, all Continue reading

Barcelona-based artist Paolo Curcio craves tiny bas-relief sculptures into coins, an sculptural art known as the Hobo Nickel. Curcio unique art work is available online. You can also watch Curcio incredible Continue reading