Amazing recorder beatboxing performance by Egyptian musician Medhat Mamdouh. Watch this talented musician beatboxing while playing the recorder in the video below.

Andrew Huang is musician who works with many genres and many instruments. He recently created an amazing rhythmic musical composition from car parts which included rims, tires Continue reading

A group of nine street musicians formed an Orchestra by using WiFi service at subway stations in New York City. The musicians connected with composer Ljova, Continue reading

Kansas-based Independent artist Kawehi created one of the most unique and creative music videos ever made. The song is called Anthem, it features the artist singing at a table, removing boxed-up versions of her own Continue reading

A medley of the well-known energetic music by composer Scott Bradley from the 1940’s and 1950’s Tom and Jerry cartoons. Wonderfully performed live by the Continue reading

Sound composer Johnnyrandom created a music entirely by using only a bicycle and its parts. Listen to “Bespoken” on Soundcloud. Also check out the video below Continue reading