Graphic designer Adrian Sommeling, from Amsterdam, has spent years creating incredibly realistic images in an action-packed cinematic style, with each picture taking months to conceive. His art is Continue reading

Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations conducted a demonstration of an optical technique that allows us to see small changes in the index of refraction in Continue reading

Photographer Thomas Herbrich captured 100,000 smoke plume photos to snatch the precise shot for that instant when the perfect moment appears. After going through a massive amount of images, Herbrich selected 20 Continue reading

Photographer Patrick Hall came up with an unusual idea for a photoshoot project. He managed to find a group of people who agreed to get tased with a stun gun Continue reading

Each winter in Budapest, Hungary the trams gets decorated with 30,000 bright LED lights, turning the vehicles into a futuristic time machine. Photographers take advantage Continue reading