Wearing Dirty Gloves

There are good and bad restaurants everywhere; I personally have had both with many places. I believe with having one or two bad experience we should not generalize it.

This time the incident, which happened at one of the restaurants in Kuwait made me sick to my stomach. I noticed one of the employees did everything while wearing his disposable sanitary gloves. The problem was not that he was wearing gloves it was the fact that he constantly went from the food register to making sandwiches and never once changed his gloves, he was handling money and the food with the same gloves. He even moved the trash can by grabbing its inner rim and that made me change my mind from eating over there. I don’t know if that’s the worst thing he ever done or is it a habit of his. I asked him “how many times a day you actually change your gloves?” He didn’t even answer me, he when to grab a new pair of gloves and wore them. He should be changing gloves after every sandwich, not just when I pointed it out. But what can we say.. Its the restaurants fault!

I read in a study that disposable sanitary gloves worn during food preparation can do more harm than good, by wearing the same gloves and not always use a new pair. Changing gloves should be at least once every hour, because they could get contaminated or might tear when switching between raw and ready-to-eat food, or after taking the trash out and cleaning. The big chain restaurants should clearly communicate to employees that food sanitation will not be tolerated, and should be taken serious.

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