Local Larceny

So ok, I just received a message on FaceBook from a local online store (which will remain anonymous) letting me know that they’re now selling the new iPod Nano (the small, squared one). On Apple’s website, the new iPod Nano is priced at:

8GB iPod Nano = $150 = KD 43
16GB iPod Nano = $180 = KD 51

Now on the other hand, the local online store…

8GB iPod Nano = KD 90!!!
16GB iPod Nano = KD 110!!!

The question is, would you pay DOUBLE to get your hands on it?! Would you want it that bad?! You better not!


  1. I'd rather pay more online then get ripped off here! I remember ordering my first ipod nano with my name engraved on the back from apple and I paid alot less then wut they sell here!!!

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