Back To The Future Reunion

Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson hang with the DeLorean 25 years later. Plus, memories of shooting the film, and Thompson tears up at Fox’s tribute to her performance. I forgot how much I love the Back To The Future trilogy.


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3 thoughts on “Back To The Future Reunion

  1. I'm unable to view the video here from my office, though I will when I get home. At Universal Studios in Florida they had an entire Back To The Future area with the DeLorean, rides, shopping, etc. Not sure if it's still there.

    I remember when the movie was first released — which then reminds me of my age. Oh my.

  2. I think its still there. I have the VHS movies, thinking of buying the 25th anniversary trilogy blu-ray. It's worth the money, I tell ya that much. 🙂

  3. Oooh, blu-ray! You're all hi-tech over there. I can barely figure out how to hook up my DVD player, or download music onto my IPod! 🙂

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