Guido Hatzis Funny Prank Calls

Guido Hatzis is a Greek-Australian comic character created by Australian comedians Tony Moclair and Julian Schiller and voiced by Moclair. Guido appeared originally on Schiller and Moclair’s radio program “Crud” on the Australian Radio Network Triple M.

Several albums were released in the name of Guido Hatzis, including “Do Not Talk Over Me” in 1999, “Whatever” in 2000 and “Deported” in 2002. Most of Hatzis’s comedy involves making prank calls that are usually centred on outrageous claims about his looks and abilities, Greek stereotypes, and extreme rudeness.

No one can keep a straight face through his jokes, that’s why I picked some of his funniest prank calls that will make you laugh your head off. Click on the links below:

The Plumber
Full Body Wax
Guidos Flowers
The Clothes Shop
Mobile Phones
National Park Australia


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