Make Your Free Calls with Viber

Make Your Free Calls with Viber

Viber is an iPhone application that lets you make phone calls to other iPhone users anywhere in the world, for free.  Check your contacts, you can see which of your iPhone contacts is already on Viber. Go ahead download the App and make your call. It’s free and it works great. (Android and Blackberry versions coming soon!) Watch video below.


  1. LOL My big bro. just texted me about it! I installed it 😉 y9la7 7g el'3orba wli yagrig wayd lol ;p Thank u buddy 😉

  2. Ambrosial: Or stop eating takeout for a change lool

    Kuwaitiful: Yeah me too.. I've tried the app it feels like a real phone call 🙂

  3. I tried it from Las Vegas to Vancouver canada and it didn't connect-it did ring but didn't have the ability to answer even a message machine
    Any ideas why?

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