What is Binary Code?

A binary code is any system of representing text or computer processor instructions by the use of the binary number system‘s two-binary digits 0 and 1. This is accomplished by assigning a bit string to each particular symbol or instruction. For example, A binary string of eight digits (bits) can represent any of 256 possible values and can therefore correspond to a variety of different symbols, letters or instructions.

In computing and telecommunication, binary codes are used for any of a variety of methods of encoding data, such as character strings, into bit strings. Those methods may be fixed-width or variable-width. In a fixed-width binary code, each letter, digit, or other character, is represented by a bit string of the same length; that bit string, interpreted as a binary number, is usually displayed in code tables in octal, decimal or hexadecimal notation. There are many character sets and many character encodings for them.

A bit string, interpreted as a binary number, can be translated into a decimal number. For example, the lowercase “a” as represented by the bit string 01100001, can also be represented as the decimal number 97.

There are many online binary converters that lets you convert text to binary or vice versa. So I gave the converter a try and this is how “Q8 ALL IN ONE” will look like in binary numbers:



Pretty cool, huh? Go ahead and send some encoded messages that only a handful of people can actually crack the code by using the binary conversion. Enjoy.


Source: Wikipedia


  1. 0101011001100001011010010110111001100111011011000110111101110010011010010110111101110101011100110000110100001010


    Thanks for sharing.. So this is what I should use when I have to write you a love letter? ;p

  2. OMG! This brings back so many frustrating high school memories!!!! LOOL We had to learn this in IT class! Man at first I got it and then I started to mess up! The teacher told me that I'm obviously gonna flunk the class! LOL ;P
    Mrs. Walker if you're reading this I just wanna say…

    AH FINALLY OFF MY CHEST! LOL ;P THIS WAS FUN! Thanks for sharing 😉

  3. I really wanted to tell her off! And I used to curse my damn luck whenever she holds me back after class.. Bs she wanted what's best for me 🙂 LOL ;p Mabi al3an khaiyrha bl7achi ihni… ra7 it3rfni! LOOL ;P

    Vainglorious, the idea of us friends is a wonder! LOL Opposite attracts ;p

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