Do You Remember Those Days?

I passed by a small shop in Rehab Complex, Hawally last Friday that sells nothing but toys and action figures. The shop is called Scream and it really grabbed my attention. This place made me feel like a kid again, and brought back so many wonderful memories of my best cartoon TV shows in the 80’s (Grendizer, Tintin, Sindibad, Street fighterFreddy KruegerDinosaur War Aizenborg etc). Who doesn’t need that from time to time?

I chatted with the owner of the shop and he told me that some of the toys and action figures were actually the first production line and they cost thousands of dinars.


  1. Wallah awal ma shift il9uwar 3abali ma7al ib U.S or anywhere else!! umbaaaih hal ma7al eshaweg!!! and i would still buy those toys!

  2. Anonymous: بالميزانين رقم المحل 27 بس للاسف ما عندي رقمه

    Bint ilKuwait: sa7 kalamech ana kint agool nafs elshy.. I really liked the place laa ow shefta belsidfaa 🙂

  3. Hey,
    Does this shop still exist at Rehab complex??? I am so looking for these action figures in Kuwait but couldnt find them anywhere..!

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