Elevated Bench

The elevated bench is a public bench constructed at the top of spiral staircase that climb streetlight pole, providing a new perspective on the city streets, as well as a more private space for conversation.

I don’t think its a safe idea for streets. Maybe if they give this design idea to Zoos or Leisure Parks it might work. Don’t you think?

Via: Design Boom


  1. lool 7ada ma yenf3 ehni!
    chini ashoof b3th aljalyiat met3lqa fooq wila 3yalana moo mal chithi b3dain mo naq9een e9abat:D

  2. ok il idea 7elwa bs il mukaan 7adda '3alaaa6! ya3ni mno il faathy ily ib yeg3ad 3ind il eshara?!

    3ala goltik law 7a6eenha ib park wayd a7san

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