1. Moo bas ehyaa 7eta inty.. You will find that in most instances the audiences are women. Don't tell me you didn't read his book! 😛

  2. Dude, I bought the book years back, read a couple of pages, and then it got shelved! ;p

    As for us being part of the audience, not really… we're more capable of giving the lecture than being the recipients ;p

  3. Yeah well, that doesn't change the fact that women are still the majority audience and that you bought the book ba3ad :p

    By the way, Don't get me wrong on what I said.. Its really nice to learn new things about the opposite sex and women are trying to understand that.. Thats why they buy the book!! On the other hand, men don't want other men question their manhood thats why they don't want to be near that place or even seen buying the book .. thats why you hear them say "esh haal kharabee6" 🙂

    Ohhh one more thing.. Stop showing of because one day I might take you up on your challenge and make you give a lecture for real and I'll get to pick the subject too :p

  4. Looool ya7laaailk! ;p I only bought the book to see what's the big fuss was about. I don't really need to learn about the opposite sex, coz simply… And I say that with confidence.. I know how to engage with men. It's easier for me to start a conv. And deal with them. If the lecture was about learning how to deal with my gender.. I might be more interested! Lol ;p yeah women r complex! ;p

    I don't see that the lecturing is about questioning their manhood… 9j mukhkum imjayim 3la 1950! Lol ;p
    3adi I don't mind being under the spotlight, I can work my way around it ;p
    If u had to choose a subject, what would it be?

  5. Q80 my dear friend for your info i never read his book ;p

    I don't need a lecture to understand the opposite sex, I grew up around them and I live with 4 guys so I know how it goes ;p

  6. Thank u Vain. I have failed to mention to Bu Nasser, that I too grew up with 4 guys, went to a mixed school, and I know more about boxers than I know about lingerie! LOOL ;P HAH in ur face! ;p

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