President Sarkozy Facebook Page Got Hacked

President Nicolas Sarkozy says his Facebook page got hacked and he jokingly used the opportunity to poke fun at the intruder’s spelling mistakes in a fake message saying the French leader won’t seek a second term.

Sarkozy wrote Monday on his official Facebook page that it had been hacked the previous evening, “perhaps to remind me that no system is infallible.”

The website of French daily 20 Minutes posted a screen grab of the hacker’s fake message. It lacked the proper accent marks in French — thus riddling it with spelling errors.

Sarkozy wrote that the bogus message that he won’t seek re-election in 2012 was “a little hasty.” He hasn’t announced whether he’ll run.

The site says more than 380,000 people “like this” and features Sarkozy smiling in an open-collared shirt.

Source: CBS Los Angeles
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