Toasty Bus Shelter

A Creative ad from Caribou Coffee. A bus shelter advertisements for the city of Minneapolis. Not only do they look like giant oven, but the heating element on the roof actually works! So those waiting inside stay as toasty as the breakfast sandwiches appearing on the poster behind them.

via: Oh Gizmo


  1. allah 3alikom ya CARIBOU!! alkbeer dayman kbeer!
    loved the idea:P
    moo gilna likom mn alawal caribou wo bas wo albajee khassss:D

  2. Sedra: I think they should give you free coffee .. min kither maa et6arbeen lihom 🙂

    Ambrosial: Whats your best coffee?.. 🙂

  3. Well my favorite is Arabic coffee.. Every morning I enjoy having a Turkish coffee at home or French coffee sometimes is delightful. But Starbucks's Toffee nut Latte really puts me in a good mood! Still looking for a great coffee place 😉

  4. Loool I second Sedra! Caribou is great! I love the idea its very creative.

    Ambrosial: I actualy suggested to Starbucks the other day they serve arabic coffee but I doubt it will happen coz starbucks sucks

    starbucks guy: what do you like to drink
    me: green tea
    starbucks guys: what about our coffee? You can try blaah blaah blaah
    Me: your coffee sucks!
    starbucks guy: 😐 but we have a variety of coffeee
    Me: do you have arabic coffee?
    starbux guy: hmm.. no
    Me: told you your coffee sucks. Tell the management we want arabic coffee
    starbux guy: hahahaha
    Me: I'm serious!
    starbux: 😐 ok
    Me: oh and by the way your green tea sucks too

  5. HaHaHa @Q-80 madri shili 7arik btw I do get special offers n special service:P

    Ambro do u have the new turkish machine????3ajeeeeeba!!

  6. Vainglorious: Ohhh walaa VERY GOOD idea etsadgeen 3aad low eysawoonhaa sij etseer fantag.. They should keep this in mind.

    Sedra: looool you're worthy.. testahleen 😉

  7. LOOOL @ Vaino! 3ajabteeni wallah:)

    afa 3alich entay wo Ambro I make Arabic coffee every morning 7ayakom bs;P

    Q-80 thanx buddy;)

  8. Vainglorious: LOOL! It's a great idea, but they're gonna wreck it by saying: We have hazelnut, caramel, vanilla syrup with it! LOL ;p Yeah I remember ur Green Tea disappointment moment! ;p

    Sedra: NO! Abiiii Where can I find it?

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