Concours d’Elegance Kuwait

Concours d’Elegance Kuwait is one of the world’s leading car shows. The show was held in Marina Mall and Marina Crescent for the second consecutive year from the 2nd till 6th of February.

If you didn’t have the chance to visit the show, I took the opportunity to upload videos of the event; I tried to cover most of the cars there. I hope you like it.

Switch the first YouTube video to 480p

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  1. We skimmed through them on Vains. Birthday 🙂 The first pic. u have on top… is the Titanic?! lool ;p I love classic cars! especially Cadillacs akhaih bs

    Nice videos 😉

  2. Shame on you.. You should of invited me to come along with you guy ;P

    hathee elsayaraat welaa balaash.. Heavy duty vehicles lol

    Thanks 😉

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