Electric Nose Lifter

The Beauty High Lift Nose is made in Japan by a company called Omni, sized at 7×5×7.5cm, it fits noses of various kinds and it weighs 25g.

According to its maker, all you need to do is to stick the device on your nose for about 3 minutes per day and let its do its magic. The thing is supposed to “raise” the bridge of your nose by vibrating and thus “stimulating” the nasal bone (it’s powered by a CR2032 battery).

via: CrunchGear


  1. Why would someone want to raise their nose?! 'Circle' contact lenses (which make the eyes appear huge) are also popular in that part of the world. Could they really be so insecure about their appearance? How sad.

  2. Interesting I was thinking to try this and let me see the effect on me. Keep posting!


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