Exclusive VIVA Mother’s Day Video

Exclusive VIVA Mother’s Day Video

Exclusive VIVA Mother’s Day Video

VIVA is releasing a new a TV commercial for Mother’s Day. It will be aired tomorrow in local TV channels.

After the success of last year’s Mother’s Day Video Greeting Booth, VIVA will be holding the same event at the Avenues Mall On March 18 and 19.

The Mother’s Day Video Greeting Booth at the Avenues is where people can create memorable video wishes to their mothers in innovative ways – for free. A dedicated production team will edit these videos and upload them on VIVA’s YouTube channel, so participants can share them with their mothers and family! They will also have their pictures taken at the booth, and then have them printed directly onto a greeting card prepared by VIVA’s team.

This event is not made for VIVA customers only, Its made for anyone who wants to greet their mothers in a new and different way.

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