Ferrari 360 Powered by Chevy

Ferrari 360 Powered by Chevy

A Californian exotic car owner decided to think outside the box. He replaced his Ferrari 360 GT engine with a 1000 horsepower Chevy engine after it blew up on him.

This yellow Ferrari 360 may have been born in Maranello, but it is now has a 427ci Merican heart built by Lingenfelter Performance. Behind the blown big block is a Weismann six-speed semi-auto transaxle. Few other details are known about the Ferrari beyond the fact the engine produces an estimated 1000 horsepower.

The identity of the owner of this impressive California collection seen in the picture below wasn’t revealed, presumably so the rabid packs of Ferrari purists don’t know how to seek revenge for this unholy creation.

Ferrari 360 Powered by Chevy 2

Ferrari 360 Powered by Chevy

Source: Jalopnik

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