The Cow Who Thinks It’s A Horse

Now, thats a first! A young German lass was told by her parents that she couldn’t have a horse, but she wasn’t ready to give up her yearnings to ride free throughout the Bavarian countryside atop a four-legged mammal. So the 15-year-old trained a cow named Luna to do the job.

The magical journey of Regina Mayer and her animal calls the two “soul mates” and recounts the years of acclimation it took to make Luna into the running, jumping, saddle-friendly cow she is today. Luna will obey commands to “go” and “gallop” and in turn gets the grooming and petting so often reserved for horses. Sometimes Luna gets a bit sassy and won’t do as she’s told, but to combat this tendency, Mayer got help from a cow expert in Switzerland on how to deal with ‘steering’ problems.

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  1. I saw this on the news last night — so cute. My grandmother had a pet cow when she was a little girl and it would meet her at the school bus stop every day.

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