Cobra Tag

A Cobra Tag sensor is attached to your keys, purse, computer bag, or any other item you want to protect from loss. The sensor communicates with the phone’s free app and will remind you if you leave your phone or valuables behind. The Cobra Tag is also a 2 way finder. Tap the button on the Cobra Tag tag to ring your Smartphone. If you are looking for your Cobra Tag protected item, use the phone’s application to make the Cobra Tag ring. To secure your phones data, the powerful PhoneHalo application can be set to lock your phone when out of range of your tagged item. The cost of the Cobra Tag is $59.95.


  1. Now that is something I would buy! Actually, that is something that i WILL buy bs ham I dont mind if I get it as a gift ;p

    I always misplace my things so its gonna be handy. Thanks for sharing will order it inshala wasaweelik review ;p

  2. I've never seen this before, but it's such a brilliant idea. And as Vainglorious said — great as a gift.

    Thank you for sharing this. I'm not really a 'gadget' person, so chances are I wouldn't have come across this on my own.

    See? That's why I love your blog! You share great stuff 🙂

  3. Thanks dear. I really appreciate your kind words, it motivates me to keep finding the good stuff 🙂

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