EDWARD Electric Diwheel

The EDWARD electric Diwheel is a honors project involved the construction of a human operated diwheel designed by a team of students in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Adelaide.

The Diwheel is designed with a frame and suspension contained between two wheels. The diwheel can not only balance itself for smooth transport, but it can also take riders on a joy ride flipped upside down. Its the same idea as a Monowheel, where the rider sits inside the wheel. But there’s two wheels instead of one so you don’t have to balance yourself.

Many diwheels in the past have been human powered or powered by IC engines. This one is purely electric. It has additional functionality lacking in other models, including inbuilt dynamic lateral stability and slosh control to prevent “gerbiling” or tumbling in aggressive breaking or acceleration maneuvers.

The video you see below shows the outcomes from the developments during 2010, which includes successful slosh control, swing-up and inversion control.


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