iPhone App: iBadala Kuwait Phone Directory

iBadala is an iPhone app created to helping you search and find contact numbers in Kuwait. The app enables you to search in both languages English and Arabic and browse 30 categories of contacts that covers all your needs. The Application requires iOS version 4.3 software update.

Download link: iBadala


  1. I am new to Kuwait and in Oman we had a directory number 1318, if we called to ask for a phone number they would tell us and sms it to us also, I loved that service. Till now I haven't heard of anything of such sort here in Kuwait and with the overwhelming places here I am in desperate need of one (I heard of 101 that it used to work way back but I tried it recently and no one responds on it anymore..)….anyone knows of a directory number like the Apps you have mentioned above?..please help!…I will def download the above app once I have an iphone…but for now plz help…

  2. 1808080 it charges you 200 fils for one message but ibadala is free of charge thats what i liked about it seriously best app ibadala teslemooon q8alinone

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