I Love The Shake Burger!

On my last trip to Dubai, my brother sent me a message telling me that I have to try the burgers at Shake Shack Restaurant before I get back to Kuwait. I read a lot of reviews about their burgers especially the Shake Burger, that people would wait in lines for hours just to eat this burger. I ate more than my share of hamburgers in the past but nothing had ever struck me like the Shake Burger did!

So I finally gave it a try, I was amazed of how good this burger tastes. It was juicy, and the lettuce was crisp and the bun was sliced perfectly, everything about this burger was perfect. The french fries were OK, I am not a fries person, but I could eat two more Shake Burgers if I have to, I can’t get over the taste.

No wonder this restaurant gained popularity in less than seven years. I just can’t wait until they open at the Avenues Mall this week. The price is very reasonable, I’d give this restaurant ten stars out of ten.


  1. wow !! looks yummy !!! bel3afya .. inshalla ajarba this week bel avenues 🙂 tha makan za7ma 😛

  2. Too bad I didn't had a chance to leave dubai mall area :/
    Inshallah I will try it here in kuwait I guess in between meal times to avoid el za7ma 😛
    bl3afya everything looks yummy!

  3. it looks sooo delicious .. definitely gunna try it , but the crowd is just insane , ill wait for the people to try it first lol

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