Sounds Like An Earful

I received an email from Christopher Postill, a 25 year old sound designer and musician currently living in Toronto, Canada. Chris holds a BFA in New Media Production from Ryerson University and is a sought-after freelance visual/sound designer. He has produced numerous musical releases in collaboration with artists from San Francisco to the Ukraine. He needs help in funding his latest project within one month. His project called “Sounds Like An Earful“.

Sounds Like An Earful is an experimental format podcast, explores the medium of sound from a cultural, visceral and human-centered (as opposed to scientific) perspective. Through people, their stories and the music that they inspire; each episode plays with how sound can be used to tell stories in interesting new ways. This series examines what can be gained by relying exclusively on the human sense of hearing to communicate narrative. The initial fixed run will be released as 8 individual half hour weekly episodes with the intentions of expanding to a regular full-run series. Listen to a demo segment of the podcast here!

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