The Move: Wear Your iPhone

I received an email from Jon and Lenny who wanted me to share with you guys their new design project on kickstarter called “The Move“. The Move is a holder for the iPhone 4/iPod touch that enables you to attach your device anywhere on your clothing. The really cool thing is that there are NO straps/clips/velcro/magnets required, only the screen of your iPhone 4/iPod touch will be visible. Even if you have no pockets, you can keep in touch on the go.

If you’re planning to get one for yourself, go to Kickstarter page and pledge $2 or more. The project will only be funded if at least $25.000 is pledged before Monday August 22, 2011. So you better hurry! International shipping is available.

How it Works:

1) Place The Move behind your shirt or article of clothing that you are going to ‘wear’ The Move with.

2) Position The Move where you want your iPhone4/iPod Touch screen to appear.

3) Place your iPhone4/iPod Touch in front of your shirt or article of clothing.

4) Secure your iPhone4/iPod Touch by snapping it into The Move (as shown in the top pic).

In the video below you’ll see Jon wearing the prototype to test it out in public, people seems to like it, can’t take their eyes off of it and want to get one of their own!


  1. I could shoot some cool video with that :), and use it while driving, on the go, it's sooo many products in one 🙂

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