Virtual Supermarket in Subway Station


The European food chain Tesco came up with a brilliant idea by making it easier for South Koreans to shop for groceries, while waiting for the train to arrive in a subway station.


The idea was to plaster the entire subway stations with life-sized photos of supermarket aisles, commuters can use their smartphones to snap a QR code attached to each product image. The snapped QR codes are then sorted into a virtual shopping cart where they can be purchased. Groceries are then delivered to the buyer’s home by the end of the day.


Tesco made over 10,000 satisfied customers using the service. That’s a lot of happy customers in who have tried and tested the service. The only question left to ask, when can we get this kind of service in Kuwait? Ohh, I forgot we don’t have a subway station in Kuwait!


Source: Dvice

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