Bentley Inspired Mini Cooper S

Bulgarian design studio Vilner developed its own luxury version of Mini Cooper S “Inspired by Goodwood”, they called it “The Italian Job” emulates a Bentley.

Vilner completely revamped the MINI’s interior, with the exquisite double-diamond stitched brown Nappa leather and Alcantara on the seats, headliner, door panels, center console and dash it looks like modern Bentley. Exterior also underwent changes. The Mini Cooper S’ was colored with matte gray wrap with two matte black racing stripes going up the hood towards the full matte black roof, racing lines and “01″ numbering on the doors. The package is completed by a new set of 18″ black wheels.

The Price is still unknown, but since the similar Mini “Inspired by Goodwood” edition went for around $77,500, hardly the Bentley Mini Cooper will be cheaper.

via: Beautiful life


  1. Mini is amazing as is, this Bently inspired ruins it.
    the interior looks really cheap and so is the outside.

    mini coupe is the best!

  2. I agree with you in away that they should have worked on another car other than the Mini Cooper, like mine for example!! 😉

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