Underwater Bedroom in Maldives

Dine 16 feet below sea level of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy the 180-degree view of the local marine life and nearby coral reef in one of the first all-glass undersea restaurant in world.

A little over five years ago, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island opened the very first undersea restaurant. In celebration of their anniversary, the restaurant offered guests the chance to not only eat under the sea, but sleep under it as well. The 12-seat restaurant was converted into a private bedroom suite for two, complete with a private dinner and breakfast in bed. The view of the vibrant coral reef that surrounds the encased clear glass is utterly breathtaking.

The rest of the resort, which is above water, isn’t too shabby either. The Maldives hotel boasts 50 luxurious water villas, 79 exotic beach villas and 21 fabulous spa water villas with private treatment rooms. Stunning living areas are arranged around courtyards with a fountain, while huge outdoor garden-bathrooms offer a taste of the tropics, enormous glass doors substitute for walls and ingenious landscaping ensures total seclusion. Its a great place to visit in the Eid break.

Source: My Modern Met


  1. I've seen these pictures some where and I always ondered about the location. Thanks for sharing

  2. You're welcome. I like the place. It would be cool to have you're meal in this restaurant, but sleeping!! I doubt it 😉

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