iZON Spy Camera Streams Video to iOS

The iZON camera enables you to view and listen to activity in your home or office from anywhere in the world on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.

The camera broadcasts its own wireless network, allowing you to communicate with it and share your local network information securely, with no need for cables or a PC. It attaches to your wall or ceiling using a magnetic mount that lets you swivel the camera to get the optimum field of view, then sends its signals wirelessly to your home network. Unlike other systems that require a running computer, and at least one webcam to operate, the iZON can stream audio and video directly to your iOS device.

It can be configured to send push notifications when the camera detects motion or audio, and can even record what’s happening directly to a private access only YouTube channel.

The iZON is available online for about $130, and it can also be found at Apple retail stores.


  1. I purchased 7 izon cameras and installed them as per the companies recommended settings on three separate networks, 2 running netgear wifi modems, 1 running Apple wifi gear. All cameras intermittently drop offline for no apparent reason. Izon tech support state it is a problem experienced by very few customers, they promise that a firmware upgrade will fix the problem, i have now been waiting over 4 weeks for this fix. Hard to see how its the network with the problem or how its only a few clients experiencing this problem when i have all cameras on all three networks down.

    I’ll keep you posted if their fix works or not, in the meantime beware

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