Limited Edition: FIFA 12 VIP Kit

A limited edition version of FIFA 12 VIP kits by Electronic Arts (EA). Only 40 kits were made and have been launched in selected stores on Tuesday, 27th of September.

Electronic Arts gave Facebook users a chance to win the VIP kit if they join EA Insider Deals Facebook page by clicking on the “Like” post and they will randomly pick the winner. They didn’t announce the winner yet! And I have the feeling they’re going to do it again, so keep your eyes open.

The kit comes in a high gloss wooden box with a net lasered plex lid. It includes a custom engraved iPad, a PS3 version of FIFA 12, Beats By Dre Headphones, a PSP and the best feature of the kit is the gold painted soccer ball that represents the game. Give it a try before its too late!

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