Celebrities That Look Like Other Celebrities

Photos of celebrities who looks like other celebrities, some of them bear a close resemblance to each other. Of course, it’s up to you to judge if these celebrities look alike.

Liam Neeson And Fidel Castro

Mila Kunis and Vanessa Hudgens

Joan Plaza And Steve Carell

Teresa Palmer and Kristen Stewart

Jordin Sparks And America Ferrara

Katy Perry And Zooey Deschanel

Kyle Corver And Ashton Kutcher

Natalie Portman And Keira Knightly


  1. 1. Amy Adams look like Nicole Kidman not Isla Fisher at all.
    2. Mila Kunis is sooooooooooo very pretty than Venessa Hudgens. No similarities.
    Oh my God! I had no idea who Cris Daughtry is. For quite sometime I thought By mistake you put Van Diesel’s pic twice.
    Even Natalie Portman and Keira Knightly, soooooo beautiful and resemble each other very much.
    Javier and Jefferey look extremely similar and I am always confused between them.
    Has Kyle Corver acted in any movie?

    Nice post!

    1. Thanks, Kyle Korver is an NBA basketball player. Joan Plaza is a Spanish basketball coach.

      You forgot Will Ferrell and Chad Smith 🙂

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