Kuwait: Borat’s Version of Kazakhstan National Anthem

Kazakhstan’s shooting team was taken by surprise when a spoof national anthem from Sacha Baron Cohen film “Borat” was used at a medal ceremony in Kuwait. The team demanded an apology after hearing the obscene song, which features lyrics about prostitutes and potassium exports.

I don’t know if I should laugh or feel sorry for the person who made the whole country look bad. Check out the the embarrassing video below.


  1. What a shame.. What a shame.. What a shame!!!!
    Whoever did this should be prosecuted!

    Shawouhaw sum3aht elderah, la barak allah fehum!

    B3dain Kuwait should apologize upfront, and not wait to be asked for an apology! Gil San3!

  2. Yea, what makes it worse is blogs reposting
    the error. If the Kuwaiti people had some decentancy
    they wouldn’t allow such a blounder to be reviewed by the whole
    world. A mistake was made. No need to make it worse

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