Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Charger Stand with Battery

The problem with mobile companies nowadays is that they still lack the technology of making a better battery that can increase the life time of the battery. Their smartphone’s keeps getting thinner, screens getting larger and processors become even faster everyday, and thats of course puts too much load on the battery itself. Until a new battery technology hits the market, I think we should look for other alternatives as a battery backup, like an extra battery in hand charged and ready to be used.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you probably notice that I recently bought a Galaxy S3. I love the device as I loved my old Galaxy S, I can’t get over how fast is the processors on the Galaxy S3 but I have one problem which is the battery life issue for my excessive use. I decided to look for a temporary solution for the problem, and since the S3 is already new to the market the device lacks the accessories. So I started searching and I found this Genuine Samsung Battery Charger stand for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that allows you to charge a battery separately to your Smartphone. It comes with a spare standard battery that is included in the package. The Battery Charger Stand is available at Amazon for £28.49.

Checkout this video below: Unboxing and demonstration of the Samsung Galaxy S3 batter charger.

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