National Gaming Union Ramadan Tournament 2012

The National Gaming Union, a group of highly advanced and competitive video gamers. They are organizing a huge tournament event in Ramadan with prominent sponsors like Wataniya Telecom, Al Rai Tv, Fatburger and many others. The event will be held on 3 consecutive Fridays, at the Live Theater in Discovery Mall, with each day holding a different gaming genres. Tickets for all games will be available for a price of K.D. 5. First 1000 sold tickets will be prized with an exclusive N.G.U. T-shirt that will be available for contestants on the day of the event.

Prizes include mobile fones, gaming consoles, cash and wifi routers! First prize winners get KD100 cash, 1 Xbox, Samsung Nexus Mobile and wataniya internet device!

Game Dates:

1) Street Fighter IV                                     27/7/2012

2) Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3                27/7/2012

3) Call Of Duty MW3 (team/ffa)                03/08/2012

4) Fifa 2012                                               10/08/2012

All tournaments will start at 10:00pm sharp.

Tickets are available now at Rehab Complex in select stores and at Discovery Mall in the booth next to the entrance, you can also call for delivery options! For more questions contact (965) 50683852.

Twitter: @N_gamingunion

Instagram: @N_gamingunion


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