The Steak Bagel Sandwich at Espresso Cafe

Some things work out without plans, especially when it comes to food. I was at Espresso Cafe, Holiday Inn in Al-Farwaniya Friday night just to have a cup of coffee and maybe a small piece of cake, but everything changed when I took a glimpse at the menu. I saw this nice looking steak bagel that comes with malted Swiss cheese, Arugula and a side order of fries. I just couldn’t resist not to try it out.

The sandwich was really tasty and well prepared, the bagel bread is fresh and the steak is well-done, tender and marinated just how like it. It couldn’t get any better than this! I would give the steak bagel seven to eight stars out of ten. I recommend that you try it.


    1. Simply because people always go for the name brands 🙂 or elhaba ely eyheboon feeha the other.. There are some nice restaurants in Kuwait that haven’t been discovered yet 🙂

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