The World’s First Website Ever Created

The first website was built by the World Wide Web’s creator Tim Berners-Lee at and was launched online on August 6, 1991. The website at that time was providing information on how users could setup a web server and how to create their own, as well as how they could search the web for information.

Unfortunately, the link for the original page is no longer active and, nobody bothered to make a copy of the page, which tended to be updated daily.  The earliest version of it that was recorded was in 1992 and a copy of that page can be found here.

I remember when I first started surfing the web using Netscape, it was fun and new experience. I think we have to be very greatfull to Tim Berner for introducing the WWW and for making our lives easier now! 

 The First Ever Machine to Run a Web Server

Via: Today I Found Out

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