Inside Volkswagen’s Parking Lot Towers at Autostadt

The two gleaming glass towers of Volkswagen‘s Autostadt are one of the main visitors attraction in Wolfsburg, Germany and it attracts around 2 million visitors every year.  The 16 stories vertical parking lot towers are composed of glass and galvanized steel, illuminated by night. Visitors can view the cars from a glass cabin that climbs through the towers.

The facility is used to temporarily store new cars that are to be picked up in person at the Autostadt customer center. Robotic arms inside the buildings programmed to move the vehicles into the parking cells, each cell fits 400 cars at a time, tending to deliver about 600 vehicles to customers every day.

Currently, 37% of new Volkswagen buyers from Germany pick up their new vehicle from Wolfsburg, and there is space to build two more high-tech towers should that figure increase.

Via: Design BoomBBC

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