Chinese Farmer Builds Lamborghini Reventon Replica

Wang Jian, a Chinese farmer who worked at a garage for more than a decade, built himself a replica of a Lamborghini Reventon using parts from a second-hand Nissan and a Santana.

The self-made roadster cost Wang around 60,000 RMB ($9,450) and can reach a maximum speed of  275 kph (160 mph).

The 28-year-old was born into a farming family, but chose a career as a mechanic when was 16 because of his passion for cars.

via: NBC News


    1. They copied cars, gadgets, cities etc.. And I think one day they’ll copy humans as well.. You might one day find another me or you in China.. But I just hope we don’t look like this crappy car 🙂

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