Wrought Iron Volkswagen Beetle

The first wrought iron Beetle was built in Mexico, displayed at the Olympic Games in 1968 as a part of Volkswagen’s sponsorship of the events. But this awesome Beetle version you see here is a bit unique, its covered with a various types of texture and motif, making the car look more elegant and stylish. It looks more like a ornate metal gate. In fact, it was created by a Croatian company MG Vrbanus that usually makes elegant gates and fencing, but decided to adapt a car to advertise its services.

A white 1970 Type 1 was completely stripped down to its bare mechanics before the ornate body was applied. Three craftsmen painstakingly handmade the body ready to be mounted onto a VW Beetle frame. The project took four months and 3000 man-hours to complete with details including exterior 24-carat gold leaf and hand-stitched leather interior.

The finished work was so precise that the window glass could be refitted into the original rubber mouldings. The wrought iron bodywork added an additional 70kg the original weight of 820kg.

via: Daily Mail

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